Student Attendance Recorder Software

Student Attendance Recorder Software 7.0

Keep track of student attendance
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This software offers a solution for users who want an easy visual method of keeping a record of student attendance. The user-friendly interface allows you to select a class and date from the drop down menus at the top. The images for each student in the selected class are displayed with name and status in the caption. A click on an image will toggle the status through three options: present, late or absent. There is a box for addition of any notes. A click on the save button will record that day's status for the class. To view records for previous dates, you simply choose the class and date from the drop down menus. One click on the setup button will open the window for entering/editing class or student names and images. Student images are simply added by selecting the image file. The software comes with two pre-loaded sample classes as an aid to new users. This very user friendly software makes keeping track of classes extremely easy, even for teachers with a constant stream of new students, when it is difficult to remember everyone's name. No more embarrassment when you have forgotten a student's name!

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